WOG smart card

WOG SMART CARD is a tool that provides the right to purchase fuel at the WOG and partner network and is issued in the form of a plastic card or voucher. As a bonus offer, we suggest that you pay Smart WOG cards for all products available on the WOG network.

Project of petroleum products using smart cards WOG successfully operating from 2001 year. Today WOG smart cards served almost 1600 stations in all regions of Ukraine and abroad. Smart card terminals are installed at most gas stations operating under WOG TM, as well as at partner gas stations.

The quality of fuel at WOG TM gas stations is secured due to intensive control on all stages: from producer to gas station, including the stage of transportation. Testing laboratories at oil refinery and gasoline storage depots sample every batch of fuel in the network.

WOG smart card servicing partners are selected very thoroughly. They must guarantee the quality of oil products and customer servicing.