Scheme of work

Scheme of work

We pay attention to specifics of each customer`s activity, and offer various WOG FUEL CARD activity schemes depending upon their requirements. We offer different schemes of work with fuel cards WOG.

Electronic Wallet

"Electronic wallet" works by  principle of a regular wallet: "what you put - is what you get". The customer transfers money onto the card account, and can fuel in any gas stations network`s  for actual prices valid on gas station at the moment of fueling. It is possible to add credit to the card account any time convenient for the customer, remotely. Our customers enjoy special cooperation conditions.

Liter Wallet

While using "liter wallet" the liters are entered onto the card account instead of money, besides, there is separate wallet for different types of fuel. The customer buys certain volume of every type of fuel, and then picks up what he need and volume he need fuel at gas stations. It is possible to add fuel to the card at any convenient time. The main "liter wallet" advantage is fixable price for fuel. The customer pays for the fuel current day price , and should not worry about price difference for fuel. The customer gets liters that he already paid for at gas stations, and we keep these liters at gas stations for free. Custumer can pay for other types of fuel if he has money wallet if he does not have money for it in the wallet.

Limit scheme

While using the limit scheme the money do not enter onto the card account, it is just way to access accounts. Every customer has separate account for every type of fuel. The day limit of fuel consumption is entered onto the card. It is supposed to be convenient for the customer (tank size volume is recommended). The customer can use the volume of fuel not exceeding the day limit. Customer gets necessary number of cards.  After filling with the certain type of fuel, the respective volume is then written off the card. This scheme is convenient for large companies and automobile enterprises, where it is necessary to limit the drivers in the volume of fuel consumed per day, and there is also no necessary limit the number of drivers in a sample of fuel per day and don`t have to write on the card fuel quantity.

It is also possible to set a day limit for electronic wallet scheme.

Automated expenses accounting

WOG FUEL CARDS are the optimal way for legal entities to purchase fuel. Accounting oil products consumption becomes easier for the accounts department of a legal entity, which uses fuel cards. Electronic payment system generates the necessary data and reports automatically. The report on consumption of fuel and oil is submitted on a monthly basis by the 5th day of the following month over the period from the 1st to the 31st day of the month. The customer can also get the report for any period concerned upon his request: it is automatically done by the card issuing company.  Besides, fuel cards provide overall control over fuel consumption. Upon customer`s request the forms of electronic reports can be modified depending upon the type of customer`s automated company management system. The electronic reports system makes it possible to optimize control over fuel consumption: the customer is capable of tracing the place, time and volume of oil product consumed from every gas station and every card.

Electronic reporting allow to improve control over using fuel - the customer is able to trace the place, time and number of selected oil from each fuel and for each card.