For Clients

How to purchase WOG smart card?

For signing of the agreement on acquisition of WOG smart card you have to apply in one of representative offices of "WOG CARD" LLC (check for contact information) . Our managers will give you advise about possibilities and advantages of fuel cards work, answer the questions you are interested in.

The client can obtain fuel cards and use them after signing agreement and pay for the card (-s) and oil products. 

How to use WOG smart cards?
Process of refueling with smart cards WOG is really simple: 

  • Arrive in the gas station;
  • Show to the operator a card;
  • Order grade and quantity of fuel. 

In case of positive balance on the card the operator will "pour" fuel from a card to your аuto. The transaction is proved by the receipt.
You may ask our operator to print the information from Your card. 

How to recharge WOG smart card? 
To full the smart card you need to deposit cash or to transfer necessary sum to the account of "WOG CARD"  LLC.

If the card is lost  or steeling you should inform us about loss as fast as you can contact manager or 0 800 300 525.